Dear Visitors,

As Co-Directors of the Johns Hopkins Film Festival, we'd like to share important new beginnings with you . We are changing the way we do things in an effort to better serve the film-viewing communities at Hopkins, in Baltimore, and beyond. More specifically, we are looking toward the filmmaking community just getting on its feet: the Auteurs of Tomorrow.

Our new program, New Classics: Auteurs of Tomorrow, will feature ~20 projects by fledgling yet visionary filmmakers in an effort to jumpstart filmmakers' careers and visibility, cultivate new talent, and create and nourish a film community that actively engages with these new viewpoints on the film world.

The cap at 20 films will lead to an incredibly selective decision-making process, but also to personalized focus and attention on each participating filmmaker. Each filmmaker will be profiled in our program, as well as online, and artistic statements and/or statements of purpose will be considered in applicants' submissions.

We are open to filmmakers of any age, status, and background, and only ask that submissions be a film early in filmmakers' careers, preferably the first submitted to the festival circuit. We are a student-run festival, but recognize that emerging filmmakers span anywhere from within to far beyond the student pool, especially given the rise in access to more affordable means of production - as a result, we welcome new filmmakers who are young, old, students, self-taught, and/or DIY.

Most importantly with this change, we'd like our applicants and audience to know that we believe that filmmakers deserve as much attention as their film. We believe that focusing on new, talented filmmakers will encourage and support their further creation of new and exciting media. We believe that investing in careers with potential is worth our time. We believe that independent filmmakers come with a story and path of their own, and that the public craves new talent. We can curate a series that satisfies that craving. We recognize that we are still small in scale, but we see that as an advantage, giving filmmakers a home where they are recognized for their potential and a jumping-off point for bigger and better things. And we come with a punch. We're ready to transform the Johns Hopkins Film Festival into an especially refreshing cinematic experience. We're ready to connect a new generation of filmmaker with a new generation of audience.

If you're a visionary filmmaker, we're ready for your submissions. Click here to connect to our Withoutabox site, and good luck with your filmmaking endeavors. And to everyone - please join us February 13-16th on the Homewood campus to witness the fruits of our labor (and to catch some other flicks projected on 35MM).

Abby Harri // Ian McMurray
Johns Hopkins Film Society
Johns Hopkins Film Festival